Nikkei Veritas published an article by Director Keeley on ESG and corporate management.


2 Sep 2023 Nikkei Veritas published an article by our Director and Chief Researcher (CR) Keely Alexander Ryuta.

The article explains the relationship between corporate sustainability initiatives and performance, based on an article published in an international journal*. In addition, at the ESG trends seminar to be held by the Company on 20 September, Keighley will provide an explanation of the relationship between ESG and corporate performance, which is also referred to in this article.

ESG initiatives Positive for performance
Keely Alexander Ryuta, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University (Nikkei Veritas).

Seminar on ESG trends in commemoration of the selection of the Forbes Asia 100 To Watch 2023 Overview

aiESG named to Forbes Asia 100 (100 companies to watch in Asia); webinar on 20 September to celebrate!

*The paper in question can be found at Keeley, A. R., Chapman, A. J., Yoshida, K., Xie, J., Imbulana, J., Takeda, S., & Managi, S. (2022). ESG metrics and social equity: investigating commensurability. Frontiers in Sustainability., 3, [920955].

*Reference article*.
[Paper commentary] The relationship between environmental assessment and stock returns - Investors consider companies that do not engage in environmental management to be a significant risk.