Through our 'product/service level ESG analysis',
It is a start-up company from Kyushu University that aims to realise a sustainable society.

ESG analysis of global supply chains,
Comprehensive product/service lifecycle
We have developed our own AI to enable sustainability analysis.

the management ranks

Board members

馬奈木 俊介

Shunsuke Managi

representative director (i.e. someone chosen by the board of directors from among the directors to represent the company)
Kyushu University, Principal Professor.

Director, UN Inclusive Wealth Report; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Representative author; Vice-Chair of the OECD Joint Working Group on Trade and the Environment; and has worked with many international organisations and businesses. Chair of the Sub-Committee on Sustainable Investment of the Science Council of Japan. Author of 25 books and 400 journal articles. Recipient of the JSPS Prize and many other awards.

関 大吉

Daikichi Seki

Chief executive officer (CEO)

After obtaining his PhD in physics research at Kyoto University, he worked as a data scientist at Accenture Corporation's AI Centre, where he launched and organised industry-academia collaborations with Kyoto University and Kyushu University, and developed and implemented industry-academia collaboration strategies. The results of the Kyushu University collaboration were later developed into the company's AI Powered Enterprise Value Cockpit, for which he led the development and was also involved in the implementation work for customers.


Keely Alexander Ryuta.

Director and Chief Researcher (CR)
Associate Professor, Kyushu University

D. from Kyoto University and worked at the World Bank; from 2018, Special Assistant Professor at Manaki Laboratory, Kyushu University; from 2023, Associate Professor. Principal investigator of the Ministry of the Environment-commissioned research "ESG and corporate value",. Head of Co-Unit of the Moonshot Project "DAC-U". Committee member of the Centre for Negative Emission Technology.



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Company Name aiESG Corporation.
(aiESG / English name: aiESG, Inc.)
Head office location Address: Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, 812-0011
1-15-20 NMF Hakata Ekimae Bldg. 2F

Telephone number: 092-419-2598

(Office hours: weekdays 09:00 - 18:00)
Establishment 20 July 2022.
officer representative director (i.e. someone chosen by the board of directors from among the directors to represent the company)
Shunsuke Managi, Ph.

chief executive officer
Daikichi Seki, Ph.
Director CR
Keeley Alexander Ryota, Ph.
capital stock 79,550,000.
Number of employees 15 (as of May 2023)
shareholder company stockholder (esp. from the start of a business)
Jafco Group Ltd.
Miyabi Ventures Ltd.
Business activities Product/service level ESG analysis projects
Main customers Avanti Corporation
Infronia Holdings Ltd.
Kyushu Electric Power Co.
Western Gas Holdings Ltd.
Nitto Denko Corporation
HAP Corporation.
Correspondent Banks Bank of Fukuoka
Applicable international standards, etc.
  • iso14021, iso14025, iso14041, iso14042, iso14043, iso14044, iso14064, iso14067, iso14069, iso14075,.
  • GHG Protocol, BSI PAS 2060, JAB GR200:2023, SA8000
  • (Ministry of the Environment) Carbon offsetting in Japan (guidelines).
  • (Ministry of the Environment) Carbon offsetting guidelines.
  • (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Guidelines for respecting human rights in responsible supply chains, etc.