Director Keeley's article on ESG and corporate management was published in The Economist Weekly.


An article by our Director and Chief Researcher (CR), Keely Alexander Ryuta, appeared in the 15/22 August issue of The Economist Weekly (7 August) in the Academics Cutting Edge and Viewpoints section.

The article is based on a paper published by the authors in an international journal* on the correlation between how positively ESG initiatives affect company performance and the challenges of ESG indicators.

How much ESG adds to corporate management Keighley Alexander Ryuta, Economist Weekly

*The paper in question can be found at
Keeley, A. R., Chapman, A. J., Yoshida, K., Xie, J., Imbulana, J., Takeda, S., & Managi, S. (2022). ESG metrics and social equity: investigating commensurability. Frontiers in Sustainability., 3, [920955].