aiESG Managing Director Manaki and Director Keeley were elected as G20 T20 Core Members.


Shunsuke Managi, President of aiESG, and Keeley Alexander Ryuta, Director and Chief Researcher (CR), have been selected as core members of the T20, the engagement group for the 2024 G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Manaki and Keeley will act as members of the following topics (topic names are provisional translations).

Task Force 2 'Sustainable climate action and inclusive and equitable energy transitions'
Task Force 2 Sustainable climate action and inclusive just energy transitions

Sub-topic 3: "Promoting investment and open innovation for biodiversity-sensitive socio-economic and nature-based solutions."
Fostering Investment and Open Innovation for Sociobioeconomy and Nature-based solutions

It has also been decided to issue Policy Briefs (comprehensive policy recommendations) on the following topics

Subtopic 7: 'Implementing sustainability reporting requirements: the role of ESG indicators'
Implementing just sustainability reporting requirements: the Role of ESG Metrics.

This will be the third consecutive year that aiESG directors Manaki and Keeley will make policy recommendations to the T20.

▼Further information can be found at the following URL.

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