aiESG launches aiESG for IR, an integrated report evaluation service using generative AI.
~ Scoring consistency between integrated reporting and global ESG requirements ~.

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(Head office: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City; Representative Director: Shunsuke Managi; hereinafter "the Company"), which conducts quantitative ESG assessments, has launched an ESG assessment service that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to objectively score the content of integrated reports published by companies. The service is available for English-language reports and contributes to improving corporate value by presenting points for improvement based on global trends.

Integrated reports integrate and disclose a company's financial and non-financial information. In recent years, integrated reports containing ESG management and sustainability information have come to influence ratings and the evaluation of all stakeholders (shareholders, investors, customers, financial institutions, employees, local communities, etc.). On the other hand, many companies only organise ESG information qualitatively, and an increasing number of companies are presenting quantitative analysis results to appeal to investors and other stakeholders in order to disclose more persuasive information. However, information analysis takes an enormous amount of time and costs, and objective and highly accurate analysis methods have not yet been established.

aiESG for IR, the integrated report evaluation service we have developed using generative AI, learns from ESG-related news and integrated reports on the web; it determines the consistency between ESG-related social demands and the integrated report of the company being evaluated and scores it objectively on multiple items. We can also compare your integrated report with integrated reports from around the world, read the English PDF text of your integrated report, analyse what other companies in your industry do in their annual reports and how much they focus on which aspects of the economy, society, human rights, environment and governance, and provide examples of how they are rated. The presentation will present the following.

As the demands on companies with regard to environmental and human rights issues are changing at a dizzying pace, our AI-based service "aiESG for IR" can be used to efficiently compare your report with the latest information. We can show you the improvements needed for a more appealing integrated report, such as divergence from industry trends and competitor trends from a global perspective, the need to update targets, and weak wording in the terms used.

This service has already been adopted by Kyushu Electric Power Co.

We will continue to use our strengths in internationally and academically proven scientific analytical methods to help companies committed to sustainability to increase their value.

What is aiESG (aiESG), a product-level ESG analysis service?

aiESG is the world's first service that enables comprehensive ESG analysis at product and service level. AI analysis using our ESG supply chain big data enables detailed calculations of over 3,200 ESG indicators, as well as comparisons with industry averages and conventional products. In particular, the CO2It is the world's first solution in that it can quantitatively assess not only environmental aspects such as human rights, biodiversity and labour environment, but also social and governance aspects, including human rights, biodiversity and labour environment, which have become increasingly important in recent years.

List of aiESG assessment items (excerpts)

Furthermore, analysis by aiESG enables geographical estimation, which is difficult with conventional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and enables visualisation of environmental, social and corporate governance hotspots, not only for direct suppliers, but also for secondary and upstream suppliers.

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In addition, as the only data required from the customer is product cost composition data or physical quantity data, ESG supply chain disclosures, which previously required huge amounts of man-hours, are facilitated.

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About aiESG (aiESG) Ltd.

We are a start-up company from Kyushu University that aims to realise a sustainable society through product- and service-level ESG analysis. We provide aiESG, an ESG assessment platform that traces back the entire supply chain, based on the results of many years of international and academic ESG research, including UN report representatives.

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Company profile

Name of company: aiESG Inc.
Head office: 2F NMF Hakata Ekimae Building, 1-15-20 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
President : Shunsuke Managi
Business : Product/service level ESG analysis business.
HP :
Establishment : July 2022.

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