The Weekly Economist published an article by Director Keighley on green bonds.


19 June issue of The Economist Weekly, in the 'Academics Cutting Edge' section, features an article by Keely Alexander Ryuta, Director and Chief Researcher (CR) at the company.

Based on a survey of green bond issuers conducted by the authors, which is also cited in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report*, the report points out the uneven use of funds raised through green bonds and suggests a broad contribution to the SDGs.

'Green bonds' expected to contribute to the SDGs Keighley Alexander Ryuta, The Economist Weekly

note (supplementary information) symbolChapter 15.: Investment and Finance" of the IPCC Working Group III Contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report ("Climate Change 2022:. Mitigation of Climate Change"). You can download this and other chapters at the IPCC AR6 WGIII website.
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report:

↓ The following paper is cited in the above IPCC report.
Tolliver, c., A.r. keeley, & Managi.(2019). Green Bonds for the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. environmental Research Letters, 14(6).

Tolliver, c., A.r. keeley, & Managi.(2020). Policy Targets behind Green Bonds for Renewable Energy: Technological Forecasting and Social Change: Do Climate Commitments Matter?